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Willoughby Veterinary Hospital

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Phone 02 9958 8775
Address 193 High St,
Willoughby NSW 2068

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Closed Christmas Day & New Years Day
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Easter Weekend:  
April 19, 20, 21 22.
Anzac Day Thurs 25 April.

After Hours

02 9452 2933
Northside Emergency
Vet Services (NEVS)
335 Mona Vale Rd, Terrey Hills

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We operate by appointment to reduce waiting times.

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We run a chemotherapy program designed to prolong and improve the quality of life for our cancer suffering patients.

The treatment of cancer in animals has evolved over the last few decades. With chemotherapy drugs used in animals, we aim to preserve quality of life with tumour control or remission rather than cure. This means the aggressive doses, side effects, and prolonged hospitalisation in specialist supportive care units experienced in human patients are avoided. 


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