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Blood Donation

You may not have thought about it, but our furry companions need life-saving blood donations too!

We are always on the look out for our clients to join our blood donation list of heroes. Unfortunately, sometimes our pets also need life-saving blood transfusions due to acute bleeds or anaemeas brought on by immune-mediated disease, trauma or surgery.

Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Your pet needs to be up-to-date vaccinations and heartworm prevention. 
  • The ideal age is between 1 and 8 years old.
  • The ideal weight is over 25kg for dogs, over 4.5kg for cats. 
  • Your pet needs to be desexed and, in the case of females, have not had a previous litter.
  • Your pet must be healthy with no long-term diseases or be on any medications other parasite prevention.
  • Your pet needs to have a good temperament and enjoy the process of coming to the hospital to give blood.

The Process:

  • Your pet will have a thorough health check with one of our vets prior to donation to ensure they are healthy.
  • We will take a small amount of blood to check their blood volume prior to blood donation.
  • They will be given a light sedation so they are nice and relaxed as they will need to sit still for approximately five minutes which is not always achievable in our young bouncy pets!
  • They will be given intravenous fluids for a few hours during and after the collection.
  • We collect less then 10% of the blood volume, which is under the minimum amount required. 
  • Your pet will be with us for a few hours during the day and will go home later that afternoon after they have had a big bowl of food for being brave.


  • We advise to keep your pet warm and comfortable the night of the collection.
  • Minimal excerise over the next 3-4 days.
  • We will put your pet on our blood donor list and they can donate again after 3 months.
  • For being a hero, your pet will receive a FREE bag of Premium Dog food.

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