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Willoughby Veterinary Hospital

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02 9452 2933
Northside Emergency
Vet Services (NEVS)
335 Mona Vale Rd, Terrey Hills

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Dental Club

It's Time to Check Their Choppers! Book in for your Free Dental Check.

Dental Facts: Bad Breath is NOT Normal!

Bad Breath, discoloured teeth, red gums, abnormal drooling or trouble chewing are not normal for pets - these are common signs of dental disease. Dental disease in your dog or cat can affect more than just the teeth and mouth. If left untreated, bacteria may enter the bloodstream and infect organs such as the heart, liver, kidney or spleen. Gingivitis is a common consequence of dental disease, and can result in red, swollen and tender gums that may cause your animal discomfort when eating or playing. Dental disease is unpleasant for the pet owner, and worse for the pet, with tooth pain and receding or bleeding gums affecting your pet's behaviour and wellbeing. Grade 1 dental disease is reversible. Treatment including a dental scale and polish can return many pets' mouths to good health. 

How the Club Works

Book a Free Dental Check with our team.  

We will recommend what dental treatment is needed and suggest a treatment plan.
We will advise how to maintain your pet's ongoing dental health.
After initial treatment your pet becomes a member of our Dental Club.

Membership entitles your pet to:
Free Dental Check every six months.
Special prices on future dental procedures.
A 10% saving on all dental products.

It's Time to Check Their Choppers! Book in for your Free Dental Check.


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